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‘Poo prints’ used to identify delinquent canine defecators


A condominium complex in Brooklyn, NY has turned to science to help curb canine owners from neglecting to clean up after their dogs. “ . . .dog waste had been a persistent problem, especially during inhospitable weather, when people were allowing their pets to relieve themselves in stairwells and corridors”

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Police release video of man who scratched thirty cars on the same street in NY


Police have released a video of the man who scratched thirty cars on the same street in NY Wednesday morning. The suspect was captured on video by a security camera on one of the homes on Cameo Drive in Massapequa, NY.

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Bigamist bride pleads ‘not guilty’ to marrying ten men



A 39-year-old Bronx woman appeared in court today facing felony charges for marrying ten different men over the course of eleven years. She pleaded not guilty to the apparent immigration scam. “‘Stay the f–k away from me before I spit in your face!’ a peeved Liana Barrientos shouted at reporters trying to talk to her on E. 161st St. Thursday after she appeared briefly to face charges of felony fraud.”

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Interview with trial reporter Jen Wood


Want to know the details behind the courtroom doors? Take a peek inside Jen’s Trial Diary to read what really happens in our criminal courtrooms plus all the latest news!

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Joyce Mitchell did have sexual relations with those prisoners


Former prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell who helped two convicted murderers escape a New York prison has pled guilty to “ . . . bringing contraband into the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, a felony, and to criminal facilitation, a misdemeanor, in a deal that spares her from more serious charges.”

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Nick van der Leek’s DECEIT about Amanda Knox case- wins rave reviews


Nick van der Leek is a brilliant investigative journalist who has been writing some of the best ebooks about the Meredith Kercher murder case with his co-author Lisa Wilson. Together they are certain to leave no stone unturned in this murder mystery.

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Interview with Dr. Andrew G. Hodges author of As Done Unto You -Amanda Knox


Dr. Andrew G. Hodges a practicing psychotherapist and nationally recognized forensic profiler has developed a method of profiling and examining forensic documents and oral communications.

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Dr. Andrew G. Hodges proves that Amanda Knox is guilty in his new book

The police are investigating the murder of a young woman. They bring three people in for questioning, two males and one female. All claim to be innocent. After hours of questioning the suspects are released. The female goes home and types into the wee hours of the morning.

Crime book authors Lisa Wilson + Nick van der Leek discuss Amanda Knox case


Interview authors of DECEIT Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek (Part 2)

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Nick van der Leek is a South African freelance writer and photojournalist. He studied law, economics and brand management.

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