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Hired Cyberhacker attacks Rutgers University computer system again


It is being reported on September 28, 2015 that Rutgers University’s computer system was attacked again.  On Monday, the same hacker that has taken down their system at least four other times in the past year, did it again.  An unidentified person(s) who goes by the name Exfocus on Twitter has claimed responsibility for the Denial of Service attack that interrupted internet service for thousands of students.

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Amanda Knox – The Mendacity Tour – first stop Loyola Law Chicago

Make no mistake about it, Amanda Knox, the twice convicted murderess is gloating in her galoshes.  After the Italian Supreme court released it’s controversial reasoning report for her acquittal, she is now launching her second offensive in mainstream media -The Mendacity tour.

First stop, Loyola University Law School in Chicago.  They recently tweeted that the “world’s most famous exoneree” will be a guest speaker in December.

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Book Review: UNDER SUSPICION The Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery

“In the absence of Amanda being intellectually deficient, the only thing left to surmise is that Amanda was playing a game from the start – with the police, with her parents, with the court and now with her readers – a game of manipulation, and as unlikely as it seems, it was a game she would eventually win.”

Lisa Wilson and Nick Van der Leek have just released their third ebook about the Murder of Meredith Kercher and it brings this complicated case even more into focus.  UNDER SUSPICION grants the reader a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective of what really happened shortly after Meredith Kercher’s lifeless body was discovered in Perugia, Italy.  UNDER SUSPICION is a continuation of two previous ebooks on the case: DECEIT, and DARK MATTER.  No other book series has come this close to revealing the truth about this crime.

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Amanda Knox facing more prison time for slandering police

Embed from Getty Images

The trial began on  June 9th and during the last hearing held in early September, was audited by Judge Giuliano Mignini (above picture).  The magistrate confirmed the charges of Knox stating that  the interrogation was  totally free from any psychological pressure.

It is being reported in Italian news on September 21, 2015 that Amanda Knox now faces more prison time for slandering the Italian police.  Amanda Knox was acquitted of murdering Merdith Kercher earlier this year, under what the Italian Supreme court described as a “strong suspicion” of culpability in their recently released reasoning report.  Knox’s criminal conviction for slandering her former boss was confirmed by the ISC leaving Knox a convicted felon.  Now Knox stands to be convicted of more calumny charges resulting from her statements against police detectives in court.

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Trial for Slenderman stabbers delayed

Photo src: public domain

Photo src: public domain

It is being reported on September 21, 2015 that the trial for two 12-year-olds who are charged with stabbing a friend 19 times has been delayed.  The two young girls were tried as adults but their lawyers want to move the trial to the juvenile courts.  The trial was scheduled to begin on October 15th but is now delayed pending a decision by the appeals court on whether they can be moved to juvenile court.

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Disabled man was not able to agree to sex

It is being reported on September 18, 2015  that a psychologist has testified that a severely disabled man could not have agreed to sexual activities.  The trial is still ongoing in the case of the Rutgers professor, Anna Stubblefield, 46, who claims that a 34-year-old disabled man fell in love with her and consented to sexual relationship.

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Still searching for Julie Mott’s body snatcher

Julie Mott – Facebook

Last month it was reported that the corpse of 25-year-old Julie Mott was absconded from Mission Park Funeral Chapel North in San Antonio, Texas.  So far no new leads have been reported and her body has not been recovered.

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Final Italian Supreme Court ruling ‘Amanda Knox had blood on her hands’

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Italian Supreme Court stated in final reasoning report that Amanda Knox was present when Meredith Kercher was murdered and she washed Meredith’s blood from her hands as evidenced by 5 samples of mixed blood of Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher in the smaller bathroom.

It is being reported in Italian news that the Italian Supreme court, which released a reasoning report for Amanda Knox and Raffael Sollecito’s acquittal did not exonerate them. On the contrary, the ISC said that there was “strong suspicion” that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito did stab Meredith Kercher to death.


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Meredith Kercher’s sister tells Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to stay away from Meredith’s grave

Stephanie Kercher

It is being reported on September 13, 2015 that the sister of Meredith Kercher gave an interview where she opens up about her reaction to the Italian Supreme Court’s acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  Knox and Sollecito have been convicted twice for murdering Meredith Kercher, now they have been acquitted twice.   The Italian Supreme Court recently released their reasoning report which has been controversial.

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PODCAST: Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) discusses the Amanda Knox PR campaign and Friends of #AmandaKnox (FOA)


Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) an editor of The Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki and Perugia Murder File, discusses the activities of a group called the Friends Of Amanda Knox who were behind her PR campaign.

Q:  Ergon, when did you first become aware of the Friends of Amanda Knox or FOA?

Ergon: I wasn’t the first of course, but I investigated them at length after I became aware of them in 2010.  There’s a lot of dirt on all of them.

Cover ups, intimidation of people in Seattle, threats of legal action, stalking, harassment.

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