PODCAST: Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) discusses the Amanda Knox PR campaign and Friends of #AmandaKnox (FOA)


Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) an editor of The Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki and Perugia Murder File, discusses the activities of a group called the Friends Of Amanda Knox who were behind her PR campaign.

Q:  Ergon, when did you first become aware of the Friends of Amanda Knox or FOA?

Ergon: I wasn’t the first of course, but I investigated them at length after I became aware of them in 2010.  There’s a lot of dirt on all of them.

Cover ups, intimidation of people in Seattle, threats of legal action, stalking, harassment.

Q: Who are the FOA and why should people care?

Ergon: Some are wealthy people who got behind the campaign, helped with Gogerty Marriott.  Some have capitalized on the publicity surrounding this case in order to raise funds for personal gain.  There are also some scientists whose false reports got them publicity, and reinforce their side careers as defense consultants.  And more. . . .

Q:  Have these people affected the legal case of the murder of Meredith Kercher? If so how?

Ergon: Yes they have. By manipulation of the media, causing political interference.  I will go in detail how they affected the murder trial and also how the tide turned.  I spoke to CNN reporters, producers. Faxed information to Katie Couric’s producer so in her closing she made it clear she didn’t believe Raffaele Sollecito. Knox wasn’t happy with Chris Cuomo’s questions either.

Q: Who are the FOA? Young or old? All Americans?

Ergon: Young, old, some professional PR people using sock puppets. Not all American. Quite a few British and other countries, Russia, Poland.

Find out more on Sunday’s 9/13/15 Podcast with Naseer below!


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16 responses

  1. I would like to hear Ergon’s opinion of chances for either Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito to prevail in a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit against Italy?

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    1. Hi Leigh,
      I will pass the questions along!

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    2. Hi, Leigh, that’s just lawyer talk to get a little bit of media attention. Since the Supreme Court ruled they may have been present during the murder, they ought to thank their lucky stars they got away with it this time and never ever appear in a court room again in their life times.


  2. Does Ergon have an opinion regarding Amanda’s primary motive for murdering Meredith Kercher?

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    1. IMO Amanda Knox not only murdered Meredith Kercher in a jealous narcissistic rage fueled by drugs, she was the instigator of the crime. She’d been snubbed, she was angry, and Raffaele Sollecito thought it was a good idea to go along with it.

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  3. […] Source: PODCAST: Naseer Ahmad (Ergon) discusses the Amanda Knox PR campaign and Friends of #AmandaKnox (FOA) […]


  4. Ergon, your interview with Raffaele Sollecito’s ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Kay was very interesting!
    She mentioned being harassed by FOA and named Eve Applebaum and Michelle Moore as two the the main harassers.
    Who is Eve Applebaum who emailed Kelsey directly? (Raffaele had ostensibly given her Kelsey’s personal email.) So I assume Eve is very close to Sollecitos.


    1. She’s a US based script writing/character development consultant who called Kelsey Kay up and threatened her with legal action, claiming to be RS personal representative, Liz. Acknowledged by him in his book as one of his supporters.

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  5. Eve Applebaum-Dominic is a close friend of the Sollecito family & one of the nastier and more bitter supporters of Knox & Sollecito. Friends close to Applebaum inform us that when she found out Sollecito would mention her name in his book she became unbearable to be around. She runs many sock puppet accounts on twitter, Amazon and other social media for the sole purpose of harassing the Kercher family and supporters of justice for Meredith. One of the inner circle of supporters, Applebaum is responsible for many of the decisions taken by Knox & Sollecito fans to go after Meredith & her family in the cruelest ways possible.

    A very disturbed and sad human being.

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    1. Actually, this is ‘t really true. You have your details mixed up quite a bit.

      My question is does Ergon really think he is god?


      1. Are you speaking on behalf of Eve Applebaum-Dominick?

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  6. Justice was served and the evil Mignini is known world wide for the evil pervert that he is. He gets his jollies by trying to put innocent kids into prison. What a pathetic buffoon’


    1. I thought it was Amanda Knox who is the convicted liar, so unbelievable she couldn’t sell her own book? Publishers took a bath on her $4 million dollar blood money advance?


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