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Book Review: UNDER SUSPICION The Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery

“In the absence of Amanda being intellectually deficient, the only thing left to surmise is that Amanda was playing a game from the start – with the police, with her parents, with the court and now with her readers – a game of manipulation, and as unlikely as it seems, it was a game she would eventually win.”

Lisa Wilson and Nick Van der Leek have just released their third ebook about the Murder of Meredith Kercher and it brings this complicated case even more into focus.  UNDER SUSPICION grants the reader a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective of what really happened shortly after Meredith Kercher’s lifeless body was discovered in Perugia, Italy.  UNDER SUSPICION is a continuation of two previous ebooks on the case: DECEIT, and DARK MATTER.  No other book series has come this close to revealing the truth about this crime.

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