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Rudy Guede: Amanda Knox knows the whole truth


Rudy Guede’s interview with Cursed Stories (Storie Maledette) aired on Italian television on Thursday night. According to Franca Leosini, Guede turned down many lucrative interview offers, choosing her show because of its professionalism and credibility.    Many Italians tuned into the show and simultaneously turned to Twitter to tweet their opinions (#StorieMaledette). The general consensus was that Guede (pronounced Gwede) was impressive, believable and appeared more intellectual than Knox and Sollecito.


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New Rudy Guede Facebook and Twitter Accounts


In anticipation of Rudy Guede’s first interview, new Twitter and Facebook accounts have been opened.  The first few messages announce that he is about to tell his story and asks people to watch the show before judging him.


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