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Blood stain analysis and Italy’s top forensic expert in Meredith Kercher murder case

Drip Stains/Patterns
(caused by the force of gravity only)

Graphic form bloodspatter.com

The physical evidence in any crime is the only way to know for certain what took place. In any violent crime scene, investigators may obtain a wealth of information from the blood stain patterns.  The patterns reveal major clues and possibly solve crimes.  Unlike the suspects, the blood patterns do not lie.  This article introduces blood stain analysis followed by one of Italy’s top forensic experts opinion – Colonel Luciano Garofano on the blood stains in the Meredith Kercher murder case.

“BPA [Blood Pattern Analysis] provides information not only about what happened, but just as importantly, what could not have happened. This information can assist the investigator in reconstructing the crime, corroborating statements from witnesses, and including or excluding potential perpetrators from the investigation.”

When blood drops or splatters on a surface, the shape can be used to calculate the location of where someone was struck and in what direction.


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