OJ Simpson gets paroled: “The killer walks free and does whatever he wants”


Large picture of Ron Goldman murdered by OJ Simpson (small picture) in 1994

“The killer walks free and does whatever he wants.”  These were the words spoken by Ronald Goldman’s father on TV just hours before O.J. Simpson went before a parole board.  Mr. Goldman spoke about the problems with the justice system- giving violent offenders a second chance.  Victims and their families don’t get a second chance.

When 70-year-old OJ Simpson (who shares a July 9th birthday with Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias) sat in front of the parole board, he was confident, loquacious,  and at times quick to anger.  The entire session was streamed live on the internet.  The world was watching, literally.

It was emphasized that O.J.’s prior conviction in a civil court for murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, would not be a consideration for his release.  Many feel it should have been.  Simpson was granted his parole and is set to be released on October 1, 2017.

Stephanopoulos asked the Goldmans if they think they may ever see justice.  “We’ll probably never see that … never get the justice . . . and the killer will walk free and do whatever he wants.,” Fred Goldman said.


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  1. There is one question victims and their families never should ask ….

    They shouldn’t ask for justice. The answer always will be a disappointment.

    There i s no justice and no proper balance. Never !

    They all have to learn this … the Goldmans, the Kerchers and so many others.

    The victims are dead. They are buried and forgotten. Nobody cares ….

    Sad !


  2. “The killer walks free and does whatever he wants ….”

    Yes, superficial but ….. at second glance ?

    Consider the “example Knox”:

    Amanda Knox ….. The painful but inevitable way of a self – appointed „victim of a justice system“ to real truth or …… the downfall of an allegedly „innocent angel“.

    We’ve had well – justified guilty verdicts. Two verdicts of two different independant courts quite right in regard of any detail. Then we’ve seen a questionable acquittal due to (allegedly) „insufficient evidence“. Only a “second – class – acquittal”; a final verdict that – from the near vision – concretely raises suspicions to be a politically motivated act beyond law.

    Howsoever: The ISC gave physically freedom to Amanda Knox on 03.27.2015.

    What happened since then ?

    Amanda Knox tries to save face by doing interviews at congresses and things like that. She stereotypically repeats her mantra: „I’m innocent. I’m the victim. I’m the good one. What did they do to me. The Italians are misogynists, witch hunters and bad people“ and so on and so forth. Some unteachable still believe this. The majority does not.

    For the rest, she seems to be pretty much alone in the meantime.

    Reportedly her mother takes to the bottle now. Her father saved her life one last time by hiring a PR – company to rotate facts and to take maximum influence on shaping the public opinion. After finishing this successfully he turned away and left the stage. Obviously her sister Deanna turned away also. Seems she doesn’t speak a single word to her „big“ sister Amanda anymore. In reaction to this Amanda had nothing better to do than to reopen the subject by writing an inappropriate column (published in WSH) about an allegedly sibling – thing between her and her sister Deanna. A black treachery no matter if the story she told is true or (what’s more likely) not. Friends are no longer mentioned (since a long time). Only one exception: Her now – boyfriend Chris Robinson.

    Amanda Knox obviously stands widely alone and things are getting worse for her (….. from an objective point of view). Let’s have a look at her „extended circle of friends“, her „allies in the matter“ insofar:

    Sollecito lost his „Italy has to pay me – thing“ once and for all. Now it’s official. He is publicly stigmatized as a notorious liar. He meets hostility wherever he comes. On the quiet he is still labeled as „one of the killers of Meredith Kercher“ all over the country / better: all over the world. He’s the bad guy and he’s on his way straight to the dustbin of insignificance, a role he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like to be a loser. It makes a powder keg out of him. So, what’s to expect from him in the future ?

    And – on top of that – there’s Rudy. Rudy Guede. He will be paroled next year. No question: He has done a really bad thing and has burdened himself with great guilt. But, he was convicted and he did his time. He spent years behind bars, nearly 11 when paroled in 2018. He has atoned for this crime; for his participation in it. But there’s nothing to fear for him from now / then on. He will be protected by „ne bis in idem“ and it’s granted a new start for him. Foreseeably we will watch interviews and his reports on the case. Probably he will write & publish his own book. A representation of his point of view. Will be an interesting thing.

    None of all this will please Amanda Knox. Amanda Knox has tough times ahead.
    The noose is slowly tightening on her.


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