Why is Amanda Knox allowed to get away with threatening journalists?



Over the years of the Meredith Kercher murder trial, professional journalists who covered the case have been targeted by Amanda Knox and her enablers.  The malicious attacks against journalists has been spoon fed to a largely ignorant public who seem to accept the lies spewed by Amanda Knox and her supporters.

When Amanda Knox’s propaganda film was released on Netflix in 2016, Knox and the makers of the film (long-time apologists of Knox), agenda was to discredit the public prosecutor and a journalist named Nick Pisa.  Read article I wrote about it here.

As Knox earns $10,000 per speech, the dirty tactics of her apologists were shoved under the rug – until now.  Italian based journalist Barbie Latza Nadeau gave an interview on March 24, 2018 where she reveals that Amanda Knox’s family and supporters sent her so many death threats that she became concerned for her safety.  She turned the threats from the Amanda Knox camp over to the police.  Apparently things ended there, but why?  Why is the Amanda Knox camp allowed to threaten the lives and livelihoods of journalists over and over and get away with it?


Listen to interview with Barbie Latza Nadeau




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  1. In case you murdered someone and your book earnings covered your defense costs, all you need is 2 family members, yourself and a sad individual from overseas to give the impression there was a camp Knox. Just saying. The fact people not personally invested in that case show support for the victim Meredith and educate the public about the facts of the 3 perpetrators speaks volumes.

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  2. So it was her supporters and not Amanda Knox herself that sent these supposed death threats. You write long debunked lies and expect no consequences. I suggest you write the truth and maybe you would have nothing to fear.


    1. We already have nothing to fear “Eve” since we have the truth on our side: Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede all killed Meredith Kercher. It’s all very clear and obvious now to the entire world. And the BS PR talks by Knox will come to an end soon and following that financial ruin for her. It’s just a matter of time before she returns to her criminal ways and is reincarcerated once again. And the time is going by so fast….tick…tock…tick…tock…

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    2. “So it was her supporters and not Amanda Knox herself that sent these supposed death threats-I suggest you write the truth and maybe you would have nothing to fear” sounds like another threat from an Amanda Knox supporter, hmm?

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    3. Eve ,…..
      as reported the death threats against Barbie L. Nadeau were brought out i.a. by Mr. Chris Mellas …. therefore directly out of the center of her family … not by foreign unknown anonymous “supporters”.


  3. “… over and over and get away with it ?”

    Yes, that’s the question. That’s the question.

    I visited Meredith grave last year. The sight of the tomb revealed the entire drama, the horror & the cruel finality.

    And …. ? She managed to get away with it.

    Seems she can do anything. Nobody cares … seemingly.

    So sad.

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  4. Talks for money on your acquitted due to insufficient evidence status or fading into private life? What would you do if you were totally innocent?


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