Amanda Knox attacks Meredith Kercher’s family while traipsing around as a victim



After following the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher for many years, what has become crystal clear is that Amanda Knox is a predator.  She has not only parlayed her status as a murder suspect into a woe begotten damsel of the tabloid media but she has also managed to skate over all of her ice cold actions.

Over the years of the trials, Amanda Knox’s trolls posted treacherous things about Meredith Kercher and her family.  They even posted pictures of Meredith’s nude body from the crime scene – pictures only the defense originally had access to.  When Raffaele Sollecito’s family put the pictures on Italian television causing a furor of disgust  Amanda Knox didn’t say a word.

When trolls on Twitter attacked the victim’s family, again, Amanda never said a single word of reprobation. Why?  Because she took a part in it.  We know this because she followed the worst trolls of the lot on Twitter showing her full support for abusers of the victim’s family.  Below is a small sample of the abuse that has transpired online over the past few years with Amanda Knox’s blessings as she rose to become a professional victim.


Amanda Knox follows El Presidente @ justiceinrome



Amanda Knox also follows  Nigel Scott, ex-LibDem councilor for Haringey, London, took her accused murderer Raffaele Sollecito for a ghoulish visit to Meredith Kercher’s grave in March 2013


Nigel Scott, ex-LibDem councilor for Haringey, London, took her accused murderer Raffaele Sollecito for a ghoulish visit to Meredith Kercher’s grave in March 2013


Amanda Knox also follows Patrick King who tweeted abuse towards victim’s family (below)



Long time troll Lyn Duncan tweeted pictures of Vaseline to taunt victim’s family.  An empty can of vaseline was found in Meredith’s room near her body and some have made crude speculations – mainly Amanda Knox’s trolls.


Amanda Knox supports a prominent troll.


Amanda Knox follows Lyn Duncan aka Annella


Amanda Knox follows Annella aka Lyn Duncan



Amanda Knox’s trolls also made and continue to make threats to people who know how guilty she is.





2 responses

  1. Mr. Elie Wiesel (Jew, Romanian by birth, holocaust survivor, American citizen, wise man)

    Rede vor dem Deutschen Bundestag 27.01.2000
    Speech in front of German Parliament 01.27.2000:


    „ …………………
    Wer sich dazu herbeilässt, die Erinnerung an die Opfer zu verdunkeln, der tötet sie ein zweites Mal. Das aber ist dann seine Last.
    …………… „

    English translation:

    But by conspiring to obliterate the victims’ memory, those who want to turn the page are killing them a second time, and that will be their burden.
    ………………. „

    I mentioned this words before but I think meaingful statements may be repeated. Wiesel held his speech in a different context – of course. But his words get right to the point here too.

    The attackers are stupid & without conscience. They are perpetrators.


  2. Knox Amanda is extremely guilty. She is not a victim, Meredith is. All evidence points in one direction- she took part in the murder of an innocent woman. Anyone interested in the real rational truth visit here: Rip Mez. May you rot in hell Amanda Marie Knox


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