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Amanda Knox: we know you’re lying


“The last week of October [2007], Meredith and her sister Stephanie texted and emailed each other often to talk about her flight home in early November.  They were chatting about Giacomo when Meredith suddenly told her sister:

‘By the way, I quarrelled with my American flatmate.’   Meredith mentioned it in passing, and Stephanie didn’t think of asking what the row had been about.”

 (Follain; A Death in Italy, pp 48-9)

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Amanda Knox the multi-million-dollar-woman


It is being reported on May 20, 2016 that Amanda Knox has won the right to appeal her slander conviction from Italy through the European Court of Human Rights.  Along with her slander appeal Knox’s lawyer said, ” . . .he is preparing to seek damages from the government for her wrongful detention, and would file soon. The maximum allowed by law is 500,000 euros ($560,500).”   This is a significant sum of money and it brings up the question of how much Amanda Knox has collected over the years from interviews, magazine photo spreads, book deal, fundraisers and donations.  After doing some research it appears that Amanda Knox has received approximately fifteen million dollars, not including private donations which are unreported.

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Amanda Knox sues Italy ‘Look what you’ve done to me’

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It is being reported on May 17, 2016 that an appeal filed by Amanda Knox with the European Court of Human Rights has been accepted.  “In the appeal, Knox says she was subjected to an unfair trial and was maltreated during questioning.”   In addition, Knox says her rights to privacy and family life were denied by the Italian government.  Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court for the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2015, however Knox’s conviction for slander was upheld.  Knox  falsely accused her boss, Patrick Lumumba, for the murder three separate times.  Knox simultaneously incriminated herself stating that she was at the crime scene with Lumumba.  Knox never recanted her accusation against Lumumba and he was given an alibi and released two weeks later.

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20,000 sign petition to stop Amanda Knox ex from being on TV

After the international publicity announcing Amanda Knox’s ex-lover, Raffaele Sollecito being hired as a crime expert on Italian TV, thousands of people signed a petition to stop him.  A petition was created in Italian to be sent to the director of Tgcom24, Paul Landry, asking him to remove Sollecito from their program, ‘The Yellow of the week.’

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Meredith Kercher honored in Perugia, Italy

Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede discussed in seminar

Did Amanda Knox have stimulant psychosis like Joran van der Sloot?

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On March 17, 2016 Joran van der Sloot revealed why he murdered a young woman in Peru named Stephanie Flores.  In an undercover video, van der Sloot explained, ” ‘. . .you can’t imagine this if you don’t use drugs yourself— I convinced myself that she was part of the FBI. . .I really convinced myself that,’ he said, grinning. ‘And that was the reason why I murdered her.’

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Two men stand trial for stealing Amanda Knox’s knives and Meredith Kercher’s mattress


It is being reported in Italian news that two men stood in court for breaking into the cottage that Erasmus scholar Meredith Kercher was murdered in.  An unidentified Italian native and a foreigner, two males, burglarized the cottage on Via della Pergola, two times, once in February 2009 and again in March 2009.

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Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede working on a publication and online store


It is being reported in Italian news that the Ivorian embassy paid a visit to Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede.  Guede was born in the Ivory Coast before being brought to Italy at the age of five by his father and growing up Italian.  He described all of this in his January 21, 2016 interview with Franca Leosini on television show Storie Maledette.

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Amanda Knox ex lashes out at Leosini

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It is being reported in the Italian news that Raffaele Sollecito, the media-loving ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox, has again threatened the host of Italian hit show Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories), Franca Leosini. Sollecito said on a radio program, “She was injured my image, I will sue the Leosini”

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