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Pt 2: Amanda Knox Lying Body Language

Pt 1: Amanda Knox – lying body language

Kim Kardashian is supporting another convicted murderer. Here’s why she’s wrong


Meghan Markle faked pregnancy?

A video has been released showing Meghan Markle, who was allegedly in full term pregnancy, quickly squat and stand when a loud popping noise can be heard from her belly as it quickly inflates.

As reported in International Business News, it appears that Meghan may have been wearing a prosthetic belly that deflated when she bent down to pet a small dog and then popped back into shape when she stood up.

Amanda Knox- Lifestyles of the Sociopathic & Famous!

Amanda Knox makes another $20k from Meredith Kercher’s case

Guest Isabelle McFadden discusses PR paid trolls

2019 True Crime Calendar

True Crime Calendar
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True Crime Calendar


Dr. Jordan Peterson describes Amanda Knox Psychopath harassing Kerchers over the years #amandaknox

Who Whitewashed the Wiki about the murder of Meredith Kercher?


It is being reported today that online reference site, Wikipedia, has been altered in an effort to mislead people about Russian spy Maria Butina.  This is not the first time that Wikipedia has provided erroneous information about a notorious woman.  The Amanda Knox wikipedia page and the wikipedia page about the Murder of Meredith Kercher are also full of lies and misleading omissions.

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