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Amanda Knox attacks Meredith Kercher’s family while traipsing around as a victim



After following the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher for many years, what has become crystal clear is that Amanda Knox is a predator.  She has not only parlayed her status as a murder suspect into a woe begotten damsel of the tabloid media but she has also managed to skate over all of her ice cold actions.

Over the years of the trials, Amanda Knox’s trolls posted treacherous things about Meredith Kercher and her family.  They even posted pictures of Meredith’s nude body from the crime scene – pictures only the defense originally had access to.  When Raffaele Sollecito’s family put the pictures on Italian television causing a furor of disgust  Amanda Knox didn’t say a word.

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Hired Cyberhacker attacks Rutgers University computer system again


It is being reported on September 28, 2015 that Rutgers University’s computer system was attacked again.  On Monday, the same hacker that has taken down their system at least four other times in the past year, did it again.  An unidentified person(s) who goes by the name Exfocus on Twitter has claimed responsibility for the Denial of Service attack that interrupted internet service for thousands of students.

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Hired Cyberhacker attacks Rutgers University computer system


It is being reported on August 23, 2015 that a cyberhacker who calls himself, Exfocus, has repeatedly attacked the computer infrastructure of Rutgers University.  The disruptions have taken down their website four times in the past year.  Exfocus has also taunted Rutgers on social media, saying, “I’m fairly certain I could run circles around all of you with my eyes closed, and one leg amputated.”

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Cyberbullying the Amanda Knox way

Amanda Knox and social media manipulation