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Julie Mott’s family plead with body snatcher


Julie Mott   Photo Source: Facebook

It is being reported on October 16, 2015 that Julie Mott’s family is pleading with person who kidnapped their daughter.  Julie’s body was abducted from a funeral home in Texas two months ago and has still not been found.

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Bobbi Kristina’s ex-boyfriend paid $40,000 to visit her grave

It is being reported on August 27, 2015 that Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown was paid by media outlets to visit her grave and pose for pictures.”

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Bobbi Kristina died from a ‘bad batch’ of heroin claims former roommate


It’s being reported on August 14, 2015 that Bobbi Kristina’s old roommate, Mason Whitaker, wrote on his facebook page, “If you knew real facts about the case, you would know that max[sic] and Danyela convinced Krissi to start shooting up about a month before her death.

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